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STOVE BRIGHT offers a full line of premier cleaning products for use with your heating stove and BBQ. These products are designed to clean soot and creosote off glass and masonry, remove whiting off the glass and logs of a gas unit, remove baked-on residues from your BBQ grill, or simply prepare a surface for painting. This diverse mix of products has proven to be the perfect partner to our High Temperature Paint line.

Paint Prep and Cleaner

Stove Bright® Paint Prep and Cleaner is a premier cleaner and degreaser that is specially formulated for cleaning metal surfaces before painting. It has a pleasant citrus smell making it acceptable for indoor use. Perfect for cleaning and preparing almost any metal surface for painting such as stoves, stove pipes, chimneys and caps. Paint Prep is available in 12oz aerosol cans making it the perfect size for any job. Paint Prep can be used to prepare metals before painting with all Forrest Paint Aerosol Products.

  • For cleaning the stove before painting
  • Excellent Multi-purpose cleaner
  • Pleasant citrus-scent
  • Available in 12oz aerosols

Stainless Steel Cleaner

Stove Bright® Stainless Steel Cleaner is a special “no streak” formula that works like magic to remove dirt, grease and grime from many metal surfaces. It cleans stainless steel, porcelain, ceramic, chrome, and aluminum providing maximum results with minimal effort. Use Stove Bright® Stainless Steel Cleaner to bring new life to stainless steel barbeques, refrigerators, toasters and other appliances.

  • Easily removes dirt, grease and grime from most metal surfaces
  • Effective on stainless steel, porcelain, ceramic, chrome and aluminum
  • Brings new life to stainless steel
  • Available in 16oz spray bottle

Stove Polish

Stove Bright® Stove Polish is a high quality black stove polish. It can be used to preserve and restore the beauty of unpainted cast iron stoves. Heat resistant and holds color up to 700° F (300° C), which is twice that of the leading competitors. Use Stove Bright ® Stove Polish on new or old stoves to preserve the metal, help prevent rust, and enhance its appearance.

  • Quality alternative
  • Rich black paste for cast stoves
  • Heat resistant tp 700°F (300°F)
  • Twice the resistance and color retention of leading competitors
  • Easy to use 4oz flip-top squeeze bottles

Glass Cleaner

Stove Bright® Glass Cleaner* is a concentrated liquid that is specially formulated to cut through baked on carbon and creosote deposits found on tempered glass, porcelain, and baked-on enamel. It contains a non-streaking formula which removes layers of smoke stains with ease from your wood, coal, and pellet burning stoves.

  • Removes creosote on glass
  • Non-streaking formula
  • Keep glass doors on wood, pellet and coal stoves looking their best
  • Available in 16oz pump spray

* Caution this product will cause aluminium to discolor

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